Galaxy Note 5 Beta Testers Reportedly Getting Android Marshmallow on Their Devices

When Samsung launched a beta testing program open to Galaxy S6 Edge/+ and Note 5 owners to test out the latest updates for the devices, it wasn’t long before we got our first glimpse at Android Marshmallow running on a Galaxy S6 Edge. Now, testers are reporting that they’re receiving Android 6.0 on their Note 5’s. And we’ve got screenshots to prove it.

Samsung has reportedly only selected around 200 Galaxy Note 5 devices on the AT&T network to beta test this new software upgrade, and it brings many of the visual changes we’ve already gotten to know and love from TouchWiz on Marshmallow.

For example, the notification toggles are now white rather all the funky blue and green colors they used to be, and the icons have been changed ever so slightly. But where we definitely know this is a Galaxy Note 5 is by looking at the “About device” section (middle screenshot above). The current model number of the phone this software is running on is “SAMSUNG-SM-N920A”, which, in case you didn’t know, is the model number for a Note 5. And, interestingly enough, the screenshot also states that the security patch used in the software update is for February 2016, which only came out two days ago.

The update weighs in a 1.4GB, which is pretty hefty. However, considering the changes made to the OS and the features you get, it’s worth it. And according to recent user’s comments, it’s a much “snappier” experience than Lollipop ever was.

With the beta process of Marshmallow for the Note 5 beginning now, it’s safe to say we’ve got a while before the software upgrade makes a public debut. Therefore, all we can do now is stare at the screenshots above.