Fun fact: Google Fi already works on 5G

I was literally thinking the other day, “Boy, I wonder when Google will bring 5G to Fi?” I just subscribed to it and absolutely love it, and as it turns out, the service already works on 5G thanks to T-Mobile and Sprint.

If you’re unfamiliar, Google Fi uses both Sprint and T-Mobile networks to deliver the best data connection possible depending on where you are. Phones “designed for Fi” can dynamically switch between both networks, while phones “compatible with Fi” only work on T-Mobile. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra falls into the latter category, but despite this, Fi is still able to connect to 5G.

Andrew Martonik at Android Central noticed his S20 Ultra was operating on T-Mobile’s 5G network despite having a Google Fi SIM card in it. He was using his phone in New York on the Uncarrier’s sub-6 network. While this information doesn’t necessarily mean much for Fi users right now, it’s nice to know that Google is widely supporting 5G going into the future as 5G phones become more common.