For Whatever Reason, HTC isn’t Including a Headphone Dongle with the U12 Plus

HTC hasn’t included a headphone jack on its smartphones for a little while now, but the company has been courteous enough to include a 3.5mm to USB-C dongle for connecting standard headphones to your device. However, this, unfortunately, doesn’t apply to the company’s recently announced U12 Plus.

According to a tweet from HTC’s Twitter account, the U12 Plus won’t include an adapter so you can plug in your own set of standard headphones. Instead, users will need to resort to using either Bluetooth or spending $12 to buy an adapter from HTC directly.

Why HTC isn’t including an adapter with the U12 Plus is beyond me. They’ve done so for their past three flagship devices and not everyone has switched over to using wireless headphones. Given, the company will give you USB-C headphones in the box, but that still doesn’t make up for the absence of something that costs just $12 in the box of an $800 smartphone.

If you have lots of traditional headphones you want to use with your smartphone, you might not want to pick up the U12 Plus for this reason alone. Still, at least all hope isn’t entirely lost.