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Just to add to our various social media platforms, we’ve officially launched an Instagram account! We’ve realized some people tend to get their daily news through their Instagram feed rather other platforms, so this is the main motive behind our decision to launch this extension of MBEDDED’s social media accounts.

So what exactly will you find on our Instagram account? Well, for starters you’ll see updates about the latest technology, whether it’s a rumor, an official announcement, a leak – basically anything tech-related you’ll find on, you’ll find on our Instagram profile. In addition, we’ll now be using our official social media platforms to share updates from events that take place such as today’s Google event. We feel this is a necessary step in the image we want to give MBEDDED, so this is the reason for this change.

Obviously, we’ll have constant updates about what’s trending on MBEDDED like recent reviews, the latest about that new Marvel movie, who just bought who for millions of dollars in Silicon Valley, and even updates about life in general. If we see something we think you’ll enjoy, we’ll post it. It’s that simple.

Enough with the chit-chat. If you wanna get the latest MBEDDED news in your Instagram feed, follow us via this link. We promise, you won’t regret it.

Or at least we hope you won’t.