Facebook Messenger’s Getting a Material Design Overhaul

Facebook is currently testing a redesigned Android version of Messenger, their popular messaging app that allows users to chat with people who are on Facebook using either their Facebook login credentials or a simple phone number, and it looks like at the base of the new look is material design, the same language found across Android Lollipop 5.0 and higher and many apps found on the Play Store.


One of the biggest giveaways of this new look and feel is the floating action button (FAB) found at the bottom right hand corner of the app when open, however this new design isn’t the only thing different. It appears that Facebook will allow users to login to multiple Facebook or standalone Messenger accounts on the app, which will be great for people who share their phone or tablet.

The update appears to be rolling out randomly server-side. However, quite a few users are seeing the update, so expect it sooner than later.

Let us know if you get the update on your Android device in the comments!