Facebook is Finally Rolling Out Messenger 4, a Complete Redesign

After teasing the redesign earlier this year, Facebook has finally announced it’ll begin rolling out a refreshed version of its Messenger app starting today. The company is calling the update Messenger 4 and with it brings a complete redesign of the app complete with a simpler interface that strays farther away from the scruffed-up and overcrowded UI we’re all used to seeing.

Facebook Messenger 4 has easier navigation. The company is including three tabs at the bottom to give you quick access to commonly used functions such as your messages and contacts. The tab all the way to the right is the Discover tab which houses features such as Instant Games, bots, and all the other junk Facebook has loaded the app up with over the past few years. Whether you’ll use any of it is strictly up to you, but at least you can now avoid it all in a much simpler and straight-forward fashion.


The company’s also giving users the ability to further customize their chat interface. Specifically, Messenger how supports color gradients to stylize chat bubbles. The bubbles are interactive in which they’ll respond to scrolling by slightly changing color. Of course, you can set your own gradient if you want.


Of course, the biggest new feature coming to Messenger 4 for many users is Dark Mode. Facebook describes it as “a re-skinned interface that cuts down on the glare from your phone.” Unfortunately, the company says it’ll arrive in “the near future,” so who really knows when it’ll reach customers. Still, it’s nice to know they didn’t forget about the feature.

All of these changes and more are coming to iOS and Android users over the coming weeks.