Facebook has cancelled F8 over coronavirus concerns

The coronavirus seems to be spreading to new parts of the world almost every day, and it’s been a permanent placement in every news cycle for the past few weeks. Obviously, something this big will inevitably affect industries you never expected would suffer ramifications, and a great example has been the tech industry. COVID-19 is what led to the cancellation of MWC 2020 after all. And now, Facebook has announced it’s canceling its own event that was scheduled to happen in May.

To be more specific, Facebook has announced it’s canning the in-person portion of F8 “in order to prioritize the health and safety of our developer partners, employees, and everyone who helps put F8 on.” Instead, the company says it’ll host a few local events that will be undoubtedly much smaller than F8 itself, along with live-streamed content and announcement videos.

With Facebook canceling F8 which was scheduled to take place May 6th, it makes sense for people to be concerned over what other companies like Google or Microsoft might do with their events. After all, both companies have developer conferences scheduled for around the same time. But right now, there’s no answers. I also don’t know if this will affect Apple’s WWDC in June or their rumored March product event

Stay tuned to the website. If I hear anything further on this subject, I’ll let you know.