Facebook Gets Redesigned with Focus on Groups and Events

Today at F8, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a complete redesign of Facebook’s mobile apps for iOS and Android. Rolling out to all users now, the app repositions its focus to areas where users express more interest, therefore steering away from the infamous news feed we’ve all come to know.

With the redesign, Facebook places emphasis on Events and Groups. Regarding the former, the company says it will now include a new Events tab at the top or bottom of the app and give you access to a geographical map of events in your area, your calendar, potential events of interest, and more. Overall, it should make discovering new things to do in your area easier and more straight-forward.

In regards to the latter, Groups is getting much more attention with FB5. According to Facebook, Groups will also get its own tab in the app and provide a feed of streamlined content from the various groups a user belongs to. In addition, a new feature called Meet New Friends will suggest friends to you that you may have met in real life such as at your job. It’ll also base the suggestions off similar interests two users have in common.

Groups will also be easier to join throughout the Facebook app. The company says it’ll integrate group suggestions in different sections of the app like in Marketplace, Today In, and the Gaming tab. Listing new jobs, applying for jobs, selling goods through Marketplace, and buying items during a live broadcast will also be improved for groups.

Of course, Facebook also had to improve upon its Dating platform. Starting with FB5, the company will include a new feature called Secret Crush. Essentially, it’s a way to build a list of up to nine people you may express interest in. If the person you add to your list is on Facebook Dating, they’ll be notified that someone in their circle has a crush on them. Then, if your crush adds you to their crush list, Facebook will mark you as a match. If they don’t, they’ll never know you had a crush on them.

With all of these new features, Facebook says it will be focusing in on improving the user experience of the app and attempt to further safeguard your privacy. The company has had a good chunk of scandals in the past, and with what seem like regular data and password leaks, it can become hard to trust the Zuck’s social platform. FB says it’s gonna try harder to protect your information, but only time will tell if their efforts pay off.

You can download the new Facebook app from the App Store on iOS and the Play Store on Android for free. The company says a redesigned version of the desktop interface will be introduced in the coming months.