f.lux Beta for Android Now Live, Anyone Can Sign Up

f.lux, and app which shifts the tint of a device’s screen for less strain on the eyes and rids blue light which can reduce sleep time at night, has officially entered beta on Android. This has been a long time coming since the current version of Android doesn’t have such a feature, however something similar to this called Night Shift will be featured in iOS 9.3 for iPhone and iPad.


The devs behind f.lux have opened the testing program to anyone who wants to join, however the only set back is that since f.lux intercepts colors at the pixel level and filters out blues, it unfortunately needs root access to run correctly. But that shouldn’t be a problem to most people as many beta testers on Android are rooted.

It’s gonna be interesting to see how this app performs amongst users over the coming months as the latest version of Android, Android N, which just recently entered the beta stage as well, has a feature called Night Mode built right into the OS that works and acts just like f.lux by shifting the tones and tints of one’s screen. This could prove f.lux to be pretty null, and if the devs behind the app wanna catch the attention of millions of people, they’re gonna have to create some kind of ground-breaking feature that will ultimately change user’s minds from using Google’s built in display shifter.

You can click the link below to sign up for the beta program, and the sooner you sign up, the better as it appears that they are permitting groups of new signees to come into the program in waves.

> Join the f.lux beta program for Android