Essential Finally Releases $149 Headphone Adapter for its Failed Smartphone

Essential’s first smartphone may have flopped on its face and its found might be under extensive investigation for sexual harassment claims at Google, but that doesn’t mean the unicorn company is dead just yet. On the contrary, Essential has just released its headphone adapter for the Essential Phone that costs $149.

Called the Audio Adapter HD, Essential says the $149 headphone jack for its phone is capable of driving high-fidelity audio to high-impedance headphones thanks to the DAC inside of it. In the company’s own words, the adapter supports “studio quality audio performance” and can deliver “master quality authenticated audio on your device.”

Whether you should actually buy this thing really depends on how much longer you plan on sticking with your Essential Phone. If it’s gonna be your main device for a few more years, you might as well give it a headphone jack. Otherwise, you probably wanna skip it. Essential’s calling this a “limited edition” accessory so you probably don’t have much time to pick one up if you’re interested. You can order it here.