Deal: Spotify Premium Users Get a Free Google Home Mini

It seems more often than not, Spotify and Google are teaming up to give away free smart home speakers. The companies’ latest offering is one of the best: free Google Home Minis for all Premium Spotify subscribers.

By “all,” I literally mean anyone with a Premium subscription, whether for themselves or a family. Spotify is advertising this promotion as exclusive to new subscribers, but I’ve been a Premium member for a year now and I just claimed my free Home Mini. Therefore, if you subscribed to Spotify Premium in the past, you shouldn’t have any issues redeeming this offer.

There is one catch, though: you can only get a free Home Mini if you previously didn’t take advantage of a similar offer. For example, if you got a free Home Mini during a previous promotion, you won’t be eligible for this one.

If you’ve never gotten a free Home Mini just for being a paying Spotify customer, you can sign up to receive one by clicking this link.