Deal: Grab a Xiaomi Mi Band 1S for Just $15.59 [Sponsored]

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We’ve been lucky enough to gain a partnership between various different websites which help keep the lights on in our office and the coffee brewing in the break room. Essentially, these companies believe in our website and wanna help pave the way for our future. And we’ve gotta return the favor. So, we’re now publishing sponsored articles on our site so you can take advantage of amazing deals and great promotions while we benefit from their sponsorship. Expect a new deal each day so you can get great discounts on various technology items such as phones, tablets, smartwatches, cameras, and more.

Today’s deal is on a pretty stellar fitness tracker at a really stellar price, otherwise known as the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S.

You may recall a while ago we wrote up a deal on the Mi Band 2, the newer generation of this band. While it may seem odd we’re writing about a deal on an old product (something that comes quite often nowadays), we couldn’t pass up not doing it for one reason and one reason only: the cost.

Yeah, you’re gonna have to wait until the end of this article to hear that, so let’s talk about what you’re getting in this band. The Xiaomi Mi Band 1S has a very sleek and stylish look which will please many. A decent adjustable strap is present to fit almost any wrist size, while silicon is used for comfort all day long.


A heart rate monitor is present which will read your pulse and report back to you how fast your chest is beating. An IP67 certification also accompanies this fitness band which allows you to dunk your wrist in water or splash the band with water and not have to worry about anything. Plus, you’re getting a 45mAh battery inside which will definitely last you at least a full day on a single charge, something I’m sure many buyers will love about their new wristband.

By connecting the Mi Band 1S to your smartphone, you can receive short vibrations on your wrist notifying you if you receive a notification or incoming phone call alongside see all your fitness data and heart rate. You can also unlock your phone just by having your band on which I’m sure is very convenient.

If you decide to fall asleep with the Mi Band 1S on, the band will automatically start tracking your sleep and report back to you when you wake up how you slept. You can also record this data via a special app on your phone for your records.

All in all, this is a very capable fitness band I highly recommend. This is also a great band to get if your short on cash. Like, seriously short on cash. in fact, over on GearBest, you can pick up the Mi Band 1S for just $15.59, a savings of nearly 50% over the original price. That’s really sweet. But you’ve gotta hurry, as I’ve noticed this price tends to fluctuate often.

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