Daily Deal: Elvis’s “30 #1 Hits” Free on Google Play in Honor of His Birthday

In honor of the King’s birthday today, Google has made Elvis’s “30 #1 Hits” greatest hits album free on Google Play. The rock-and-roll legend’s birthday, January 8th, brings him to age 81. And even if he were still alive, I’m sure he’d be swinging his hips right now to Jailhouse Rock.


Oh yeah, and for you guys who don’t know who Elvis Presley is (and I doubt you’re one of those people no matter where you live), here’s a link to the King’s Wikipedia entry. I don’t feel like explaining who he is if I don’t have to, that’s all. I’m not lazy, but… c’mon, who don’t know who Elvis is, right?

There’s no word on whether this promotion will extend after his birthday ends, so I suggest jumping on this right now!

Click here to get Elvis’s greatest hits in your music library for free!