Confirmed: Galaxy Note 7 w/ 6GB Ram, 128GB Storage Coming to China

As we reported earlier in the week, Samsung will be bringing a special, upgraded variant of their latest smartphone the Galaxy Note 7 to China exclusively. This rumor has now been confirmed by the company’s chief of mobile DJ Koh.

If you haven’t heard of this new Galaxy Note 7 variant, let me give you an outline. See, the regular Note 7 features 4GB of RAM. This isn’t as much as most users wanted, but it’s fine. However, a TENNA listing discovered by SamMobile hinted at the possibility of a 6GB of RAM variant of the device. This has resulted in an official Samsung confirmation (hence the above paragraph), however this isn’t the only spec upgrade the company confirmed. This 6GB RAM model of the Note 7 will also include 128GB of storage. This is double of what you get standard in the baseline model of the 5.7-inch giant. However, there’s a pretty big downside to this announcement…

As per the rumor linked above, Samsung will only release the 6GB RAM version of the Galaxy Note 7 in China. This means that us in the States, the UK, and India amongst others won’t be able to purchase this model. But with the price tag of somewhere above $900, you may not want to.

Nonetheless, at least we’re now certain that this model of the Note 7 is coming. We don’t known exactly when that time will be, but we do know it should be around the same time as the 4GB RAM variant of the Note 7 launches.

Source: Samsung Mobile via 9to5Google