Coming Soon: Batman-Themed Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung has tweeted twice over a three-day period about a new, upcoming Batman-themed Galaxy S7 Edge with the caption, “Coming soon: A new device for the battle against the Gods Amoung Us”. This leaves us with very little details about the new smartphone, however we can expect it to simply be an average S7 Edge with a black finish and most likely some kind of Bat logo on the back paired with a custom Dark Knight skin on top of TouchWiz running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. How are we making that guess? We’re basing it off of the Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung launched last year.

It seems to be an annual thing for Samsung to give their flagship smartphone a superhero makeover. Since they did it last year with the S6 Edge and they’re doing it again with the S7 Edge, maybe next year we’ll get like a Spider-Man Galaxy S8 Edge. And if that happens, believe me, you’ll have yourself a review of that bad boy right here on MBEDDED.

Are you looking forward to a Batman Galaxy S7 Edge?