Comcast is Capping Video on Xifinity Mobile to 480p

Comcast has announced (via The Verge) it’s making a couple of changes to the way its Xfinity Mobile cell service operates. According to the Philadelphia-based company, Xfinity Mobile customers will now only be able to watch 480p video while using their cell data. In an email to customers, the company says it’s a way to “conserve data,” especially for those on the “By the Gig” plan. Still, watching anything lower than 720p on today’s smartphones is a pretty unenjoyable experience.

Luckily, not all hope is lost. Comcast says there will be an option for Xfinity Mobile users to unlock the ability to view 720p video over cellular, and it won’t cost anything. However, there’s no telling how long this option will be active since the company also says it plans to charge consumers later this year for the ability to view HD video without Wi-Fi. Better than nothing, I assume.

In addition, Comcast says it’ll begin slowing down speeds on your Wi-Fi hotspot if you’re subscribed to the $45/month unlimited plan to 600kbps. Oddly enough, those who use the By the Gig plan won’t see any limitations and will get to enjoy 4G connectivity. This is likely a way to rack up your bill since you pay $12 per gigabyte of data you use. In the end, this seems like the coldest move the company is making today.

The new limitations will go into effect in the near future.