Chrome for iOS Just Got a Major Update, Now “Dramatically Faster” with 70% Fewer Crashes

Chrome for iOS has always been kinda slow. I’m not saying it’s unusable, but it’s definitely not as speedy as Safari, for example. And Google must’ve realized that, because today’s Chrome update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch promises a “dramatically faster” experience.


The reason Chrome is now much faster isn’t because Google yelled at the developers behind Chrome to make it “FASTER! FASTER!!!!” but because they’re now using Apple’s WKWebView rendering engine. The company has stated that this will reduce the number of crashes by up to 70%, which is a big deal.

This version uses WKWebView, the latest rendering engine from Apple, which should be faster and more stable. The crash rate was reduced by 70% and JavaScript execution is now dramatically faster!

Besides the new speed improvements and stability fixes found in the latest update (labeled version 48.0.2564.87), there are a few tweaks they made to make the app just that much more enjoyable to use.

This release also includes:
• Redesigned icons on the New Tab page: easier access to more of your frequently-visited sites
• Spotlight integration: Drag down or right from the Home screen and search for your Chrome bookmarks

You can get the new updated version of Chrome for iOS from the App Store now.