CES 2021 will go on as scheduled despite coronavirus concerns

I would like to officially confirm that I will not be attending CES 2021. The Consumer Technology Association has just announced that next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas will be an in-person event. That means people from all over the world will be allowed to visit the show and crowd showroom floors. In other words, create the perfect breeding ground for coronavirus.

Granted, CES will be taking some precautions such as much more sanitization, reducing “touch points” for visitors, maintaining social distancing, and implementing “best practices” such as wearing a mask. However, details are scarce right now, so there’s no telling just how different CES 2021 will look compared to past years.

I can tell you this, though. CES is known to pack in about 175,000 attendees every year from countries all over the world. While we’re in the middle of a pandemic and anxiety surrounding catching COVID-19 on the rise, it’s gonna be hard to convince people to show up. I, for one, will not be showing up unless the coronavirus dies off by January or there’s a proven-effective vaccine. I’d advise anyone else planning to attend the show to do the same.

At this time, it isn’t clear what companies will and won’t attend CES. I would imagine that many of them will hold their events virtually and mitigate the need to travel to Vegas this January. When more details emerge, I’ll let you know.