Captain America: Civil War Racks in $200M Before Americans Even Get to See It

Variety has released a report stating that Captain America: Civil War, the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which has so far met much praise by early viewers, has made over $200 million internationally, with the bulk of that coming from Korea ($29.9 million) alongside Australia ($10.9 million) and the UK ($20.5 million). This comes four days before the initial release of the film in the United States.

“Captain America: Civil War” dominated the foreign box office, debuting to a massive $200.2 million in its first weekend of overseas release, and kicking off the summer movie season on a high note.

Variety also notes how viewers are describing the film, so if this quote is of any indication, we may need to start referring to this film as Avengers: Civil War or something similar.

The Disney and Marvel superhero adventure is performing less like a sequel to the star-spangled hero’s films and more like another installment in the “Avengers” franchise.

This isn’t too much of a shock when considering the amount of superheroes found in the film. Much of the plot is directed towards Captain America and Iron Man’s brawl and not just a continuation of The Winter Soldier. Of course Hulk doesn’t appear in the advertisements, posters, or overall film, so this may be one of the only distinctions that this isn’t an Avengers movie, because, c’mon, what’s an Avengers film without everyone’s favorite angry green guy?

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters in the US alongside China, Russia, Italy, and Argentina this Friday, May 6th.