Burkley Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is a great smartphone with a gorgeous screen, excellent performance, and exceptional cameras. But its glass design feels fragile in your hand and, if you drop it, there’s a good chance you’ll break it. So I went out searching for a premium case that would retain the same luxurious fit and finish as the device itself and I came across Burkley’s Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case. I reached out to them and was sent a sample to test drive.

For starters, the case itself fits beautifully on the Note 8. It isn’t too thick that the phone gets uncomfortable to hold for long usage periods, while all the necessary cutouts for things like the S Pen and microphones fit wonderfully. The back is made of premium leather with a pebble finish that feels exquisite to hold. There’s also a stitched finish around both the border of the phone itself and its cameras which add a touch of class to the design.

If the case were by itself, I would highly recommend it. But there’s even more. Inside the case are strong magnets that attach to the wallet portion which gets you access to three credit card slots and a compartment for cash. Also covered in premium leather with a pebble finish, the wallet portion comes with a clasp that magnetically closes the case with a satisfyingly strong, confidence-bestowing connection.

While everything works the way it’s intended, the size of the wallet case is a bit much. It’s pretty bulky once you have the Note 8 inside and the entire package doesn’t fit as well as I hoped in my pants’ pocket. In fact, it’s so thick that it can become inconvenient to carry around all day. I’ve found myself looking for something slimmer to carry around with me since my bi-fold wallet can get pretty thick sometimes, but this option clearly isn’t it.

Luckily, I was never once afraid my phone might slide out due to a weak magnetic connection considering just how strong the attachment was. When pulling out my debit card or a couple of dollars to make a purchase, I never felt like my phone might take a tumble. Still, when using the case to its full extent, it never felt convenient or a pleasure to use.

The case also lets you prop up your Note 8 for watching videos which is neat.

In the end, unless you’ll be carrying around your Note 8 in a bag or purse, you may want to skip out on Burkley’s wallet case simply because of just how comically big it is. In the same breath, the detachable leather case is extremely pleasing to hold and is my favorite part of this entire package. Luckily, Burkley sells this component separately on its website so you don’t have to buy the entire $69 wallet case. Instead, you can spend $39 and get a better experience.

At least for me, while I may keep my Note 8 inside the leather case itself, I’ll probably leave the wallet portion at home and bring my traditional bi-fold wallet instead.

Rating: 6.5/10