BTW: You Can’t Pay Your Taxes in iTunes Gift Cards

There’s a fresh scam going around. No, it’s not someone claiming you have to pay a fee to the IRS in iTunes gift cards otherwise you’ll be arrested. Oh, wait, maybe it is…

A man in Florida received a phone call from someone saying that he was an IRS agent who had all of his personal information. The “agent” stated that if the man didn’t purchase an iTunes gift card then call another phone number to hand over the authorization code, he would be arrested.

More and more money was being pushed onto the man who went out to his local Target store and bought a $2,300 iTunes card by the fake IRS worker. When the victim went to hand over the card’s code to that second phone number, the person on the other end kept asking how the rest of the man’s debt would be paid off. This made the man realize this whole shenanigan wasn’t legitament and that he must report it. Florida police in Port St. Lucie are now warning locals in the area to avoid any phone calls which sound familiar to this one and try to protect themselves against scams, especially ones as significant as this one.

So just in case paying your taxes with iTunes gift cards was on your bucket list, scratch it off because it’s not gonna work.

The more you know.

Source: Palm Beach Post via Cult of Mac