Breaking: Apple Becomes First $1 Trillion Company in United States

It’s a big day in the tech world. After reaching a stock value of $207.05 earlier today, Apple became the first US-based company to be valued at $1 trillion. That’s $1,000,000,000,000. TWELVE ZEROS.

Of course, despite reaching the mark early this morning, the company didn’t stay there. Right now, Google is valuing Apple at around $964 billion, according to its own stock tracking utility. Meanwhile, Apple’s own stocks app and even Siri are claiming the company is sitting at a $1.01 trillion evaluation. Either way, you can basically call the tech giant a trillion-dollar company at this point.

For the time being, Apple will be the only company in the United States to call themselves a trillion-dollar brand. They likely won’t enjoy these bragging rights for long, however, since Amazon is also creeping up on a $1 trillion evaluation. Both companies saw promising Q3 2018 results, hence both will soon be valued at $1 trillion each. Right now, Amazon sits at around $890 billion.