Bose’s QuietComfort 25 Are Now Wireless

Everyone knows Bose for their superior quality noise cancelling headphones we’ve all come to know and love, especially the QuietComfort 25’s. Now, in a move pretty much geared toward the 3.5mm headphone jack-less future headphone makers will have, the firm has made this exact model of around-the-ear headphones wireless, both via Bluetooth and NFC. They’re now called the QuietComfort 35’s and offer the same great noise cancellation as the 25’s.

These are our best headphones. In making them wireless, we had one goal: seamlessly merge Bluetooth and our Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology together with no compromise to the technologies or the audio performance we’re known for …

These headphones, according to Bose, will last you up to 20 hours of listening to media on a single charge which is just about half of what you get when listening over a wired connection. Automatic switching between devices is also on board with the help of a free app, meaning that you can connect to an iPad over Bluetooth when you’re done with your iPhone without having to manually connect again.

The design of the QC35’s are pretty cool. By using glass-filled nylon with a synthetic leather covering, Bose says that they were able to get the headphones nice and lightweight while also being durable and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Of course, you’re also able to use these headphones via a wired connection, while a USB cable is supplied to charge and and airline adapter for connecting to in-flight entertainment systems.

$349 is the price of the QC35’s in a choice of either black or silver. You can pick these headphones up on Amazon, while on Bose’s website is where you can read more about the unique noise cancelling technology and design of these headphones.

Source: Bose