BlackBerry’s “Mercury” Smartphone is Here, But We Know Nothing About It

Photo via: CNET

At CES 2017, TCL, the company who has gained rights to develop and build smartphones for BlackBerry, today officially unveiled the much-rumored BlackBerry “Mercury.” But rather explicitly calling it the Mercury, the company simply refers to it as the smartphone “everyone is calling the Mercury.”

This is pretty interesting, to say the least. Why a company wouldn’t give the official name of a product at CES is beyond me, but it seems that TCL’s main intention is to simply tease the smartphone. As of now, we have no idea what’s packed inside the Mercury, how much it’ll cost, when it’ll come out – nothing. All we know is it’s BlackBerry’s last smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard, it runs Android Nougat, it’s got a fingerprint sensor, and it’s got a USB-C port. That’s it.

One hint at what the official name of the Mercury may be was leaked earlier in the below image, but to me, a DTEK70 just a few months after the DTEK60 would be a bit too soon.


Nevertheless, we still have a little while to wait in order to find out just what the Mercury features. Some other publications have already gotten their hands on the smartphone since it’s currently on display at CES in Las Vegas, but a majority of the phone’s details remain a mystery.