BlackBerry Priv is One of the First Phones to Receive February’s Security Patch (Surprised? I Am.)

BlackBerry has begun to roll out this month’s security patch to the Priv, their first attempt at an Android-powered smartphone. And it’s February 1st. Not the 21st. The 1st.


I’m really surprised that BlackBerry, one of the most stubborn cell phone makers who insisted that BB10 be loaded on their handsets for the past thousand years, is one of the first companies to being rolling out an update for their phone that runs Android. Remember, this is their first attempt at a phone with this kind of OS. Plus the update just came out today. February 1st. It just goes to show you that BlackBerry is committed (or at least becoming committed) to the Priv and aren’t gonna just let it sit in a corner and rot away. If you agree, drop me a line below.

According to this month’s security bulletin, Android and Chrome security teams along with independent researchers have spotted 10 different bugs that have been fixed in the new build. The flaws range from moderate to critical in severity with a majority of bugs dealing with Wi-Fi drivers that would allow remote code execution, though Google notes that there are no reports of customers who have been affected by these issues.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.13.02 PM

Did you receive the update yet on your Priv?