Bing is now Microsoft Bing, for some reason

I guess the press laps around Microsoft’s Bing search engine have died off in recent months, so much so that the company felt obligated to do something that would drum up plenty of headlines. Today’s Bing headline? A lousy rebranding.

I say lousy because all Microsoft did was add its name to the beginning of Bing. Now, one of the most popular Google alternatives is called “Microsoft Bing.” Microsoft says it “reflects the continued integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family.” Basically, it brings Bing formally in line with other products like Microsoft 365, the Microsoft Store, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Search, and Microsoft Edge. It even gave Bing a new logo.

Does any of this mean Bing is better than it was before? No. But does Microsoft intend upon making it better? Possibly. If history is any indication, Bing’s just always gonna be there, even if it serves no purpose. Maybe Microsoft will integrate its technology into other products. Heck, maybe it’ll replace Search and Cortana and become the way you look for things in the Microsoft world. I really couldn’t tell ya. We’ll have to wait this one out.