Beta Testers Can Now Use Single Sign-On in tvOS 10.1 and iOS 10.2

Back in June, Apple announced tvOS 10 and a new feature called Single Sign-On that would allow users to sign into their cable TV subscription once and automatically be logged into all supported apps such as CBS, NBC, and HBO Now. This feature has never surfaced as available for use by the public (which is really stupid since it’s one of tvOS 10’s shining features), however at least for beta testers, the utility can now be tested out before a wider release thanks to the latest beta of tvOS 10.1. This comes as Apple quietly flicks the switch to activate the tool and make it available to developers.

Currently, only Dish, GVTC Communications, Hotwire, and Sling TV subscribers are available for use with Single Sign-On on tvOS 10.1. Of course, more providers will eventually become supported, but this is the reason why beta testers have access to the feature early.

It’s worth noting that Single Sign-On also is active for beta testers running iOS 10.2, while all credentials synced to your devices are available across platforms. It’s unclear whether either/both developers or public testers are seeing the tool, but we’ll update this when more information is available.

For reference, here’s how Apple describes Single Sign-On.

For the first time, customers in the US will have a simplified way of enjoying pay-TV video channels by using single sign-on. Starting this fall, users only have to sign in once on Apple TV to enjoy immediate access to their favorite video channels that are included as part of their pay-TV subscription.

  • Once a user is signed into one network app, any other app on Apple TV from participating pay-TV providers will automatically log the user into all other supported apps requiring authentication.
  • During the single sign-on process, customers can view a page of all the authenticated apps that a pay-TV provider offers to more easily discover, download and enjoy all of their favorite video channels.
  • Any network-TV app can take advantage of this technology to enable single sign-on and simplify the process for their viewers.
  • Single sign-on will be available on both Apple TV and iOS.

Have you received Single Sign-On via tvOS 10.1 or iOS 10.2?