Beats announces Powerbeats 4 wireless earbuds with better battery life

After they leaked everywhere over the past few days, Beats’ new Powerbeats 4 have officially been unveiled. The earbuds are a step up from the older Powerbeats 3 and give customers a cheaper alternative to the $250 Powerbeats Pro.

The new Powerbeats 4 look extremely similar to the Powerbeats 3, but this time around, Beats routed the wire to the back of your ears so it doesn’t get in your way. You get three color options: black, white, and red. You get the same hooks to latch onto your ears for a secure fit, a Lighting port for charging, and a new IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistence.

Inside, Beats includes Apple’s H1 chip for easy pairing to the company’s devices such as iPhones and MacBooks. The chip also enables “Hey Siri” detection for hands-free use. In terms of sound quality, Beats says they should sound the same as the Powerbeats Pro which received pretty great reviews from a bunch of publications.

The biggest change to the Powerbeats 4 over the 3 is the battery life. This time around, the buds have 15 hours of usage over 13 hours. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they got faster charging speeds, but that’s okay.

Beats says the new Powerbeats 4 will launch March 18th and retail for $149.