Batman v Superman Shatters Records by Racking in Over $400 Million Worldwide

As if no one was expecting it, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice broke box office records during it’s opening weekend, racking in $416 million globally. Domestically, the film made $166.1 million, which ain’t too shabby either, however is lower than initial estimates.


DC must be ballin’ right now, as they really needed this film to make them at least $250 million in order to cover their production budget. Also, Batman v Superman marks the highest grossing DC movie the company has ever released to date according to Variety, which is quite impressive, the biggest March debut ever, and the seventh biggest opening weekend in history. And according to Box Office Mojo, Dawn of Justice is preceded by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, and Marvel’s The Avengers which make up the top three spots respectively, while also not being too far ahead of 2007’s Spider-Man 3 at #12 on the list which is a little unsettling to some people.

And thanks to the big debut this past weekend, indicating that fans around the world are loving the movie, Batman v Superman will be able to set up future DC films which coincide with this movie such as 2017’s Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the upcoming Batman films, and obviously Justice League.

Warner Bros. should have no problems in the future with films similar to this one, as fans have been waiting for a long time to see the Justice League form together on the big screen like this. So just think, if a movie that stars just three of the biggest super heroes on the planet in the DC universe made this much money during opening weekend, imagine how much a film with seven of DC’s heroes is gonna make.