AT&T’s Wi-Fi Calling is Headed to Android Devices

AT&T has announced that their Wi-Fi calling technology first found in the iPhone a couple years ago is now headed its way to Android devices on their network. The first device to receive this feature will be the LG G4 via an upcoming software update which will activate the alternate way of placing a phone call when cellular networks are insufficient.

Other devices running Android locked to AT&T’s network will also begin receiving a software update for Wi-Fi calling as well, however it’s unclear just when this roll out will occur.

By detecting your current location where either Wi-Fi or cellular signals are stronger, you’ll be able to send and receive calls alongside exchange texts without ever worrying about your internet access. However, this feature only works over AT&T in the US, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and select international countries. And you need a post-paid wireless account, so if you’re on a pay-as-you-go account, you won’t be able to use it.

In addition, calls with a domestic phone number over Wi-Fi won’t result in any additional charges, however international calls will.

You can learn more about AT&T’s Wi-Fi calling on their website.

Source: AT&T via The Verge