AT&T Officially Unveils DirecTV NOW Streaming Service, Starts at $35/Month and Launches Nov. 30th

Today’s the day, everyone. AT&T has officially unveiled their new streaming service entitled DirecTV NOW. This service was announced originally in March of this year, however details remained extremely scarce and information about what AT&T had in store belonged to various rumors. The service will launch on November 30th.

Starting Nov. 30, stream your favorite live sports, on demand, premium channels, popular shows, and hit movies right to your tablet, smartphone or TV. It’s the experience you love, without the limits you don’t.

Speaking in terms of content available, nearly all major content providers have signed on to stream on DirecTV NOW. However, CBS and Showtime remain absent, two networks AT&T is still negotiating with. Packages start at $35/month and go up to $70/month depending on how many channels you’d like to stream.

Here’s a list of the packages available.

  • Live a Little – $35 / month (60+ channels)
  • Just Right – $50 / month (80+ channels)
  • Go Big – $60 / month (100+ channels)
  • Gotta Have it – $70 / month (120+ channels)

In addition, for $5 extra per month, subscribers can gain access to HBO and Cinemax. And if you sign up in time, you’ll be able to get the Go Big package for just $35/month until you cancel, a price that AT&T notes is subject to change.

Up to two different streams can be viewed at once across devices, however a cloud DVR isn’t provided at this time. This is a feature AT&T plans to launch next year, so stay tuned.

Up to 1080p video can be streamed, so don’t plan on watching a bunch of 4K content with DirecTV NOW anytime soon.

NFL Sunday Ticket isn’t included in NOW, unfortunately. It’s worth noting, however, that AT&T is currently working with the NFL on making it available. In addition, since Verizon owns rights to NFL games on broadcast networks, subscribers won’t be able to view games on mobile but can stream them on other devices such as a tablet or laptop.

Speaking of devices, AT&T says that when NOW launches, it’ll be available through the following:

  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • Android mobile devices and tablets
  • iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
  • Chromecast (Android at launch; iOS in 2017)
  • Google Cast-enabled LeEco ecotvs and VIZIO SmartCast Displays
  • Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari web browsers

Next year, the company plans to add Roku, Amazon Fire, and Samsung SmartTV support. In addition, those who prepay 3 months of the service will receive a complimentary Apple TV 4, while those who pay 1 month of service can opt for a free Amazon Fire TV Stick. Those who buy select smart TVs can also earn multiple monthly credits for NOW. Scroll down for more info on which TVs will score you the most credits.

  • 3 months: Le S3 and Le Pro3 ecophones or Super4 X43 Pro ecotv
  • 6 months: Super4 X55 or Super4 X65 ecotvs
  • 12 months: uMax8 ecotv

If you have AT&T service on your smartphone, you also won’t use any data while streaming on a cellular network. Just another perk of being an AT&T customer, I guess.

It’s worth noting that AT&T is touting DirecTV NOW as a standalone service for cord-cutters. It’s not associated with the company’s other DirecTV offerings.

This is rules-free TV for anyone in the U.S. who wants to stream shows and movies anytime, anywhere. For the more than 20 million U.S. households who have dropped cable or are flirting with cutting the cord, we’re now delivering video over a technology platform that will have multiple product capabilities, the first of which we’re unveiling today.

The company says they wanted to create a service that worked across platforms while also offering all the highlights of cable TV. CEO John Stankey had this to say.

“We’re extending our entertainment portfolio for those who value premium content but also want more TV freedom suited for their lifestyle, whether watching at home or on their mobile devices. This is TV your way,” said John Stankey, CEO, AT&T Entertainment Group.

“Our new customer-centric offers show that mobility and entertainment are better together,” added Stankey.

All in all, DirecTV NOW seems promising. Obviously, it may be quite a feat to attract those who are already subscribed to something like PlayStation Vue, but since AT&T is already ahead of Hulu and YouTube in this market, the company may have first dibs on the public and start making waves. Nevertheless, they’ll have to start developing on top of their platform and start making features that’ll lure people in. I hate to say it, but that DVR needs to make an appearance… quick.