AT&T LG G4 Now on Receiving End of Marshmallow Roll Out

AT&T has begun to roll out Android Marshmallow to the LG G4, LG’s 2015 flagship smartphone. This comes just a few days after T-Mobile began to roll out version 6.0 of the mobile OS to G4 models locked to their network.


Yesterday, the update began to make it’s way to the H810 version of the G4 via OTA. Users have begun reporting that they’re now seeing the update and are installing it. The update appears to be 971MB in size, which isn’t all that hefty for a full system upgrade. However, we do suggest downloading the package over Wi-Fi so it doesn’t eat up any of your data.

It appears that users can’t use the LG Bridge application like they can with T-Mobile’s Marshmallow update, which is odd. I would think they’d enable this feature as many people are excited about the update and may not want to wait any longer, but there must be a good reason why it isn’t there.

AT&T advises users to back up their microSD cards before upgrading, as with Marshmallow SD cards can be treated as internal storage which can erase or totally brick your SD card if there’s a failure during the process.

The update, alongside Android 6.0, also brings AT&T video calling and advanced messaging. The update should bring the LG G4 to software version H81020n, but if you notice this is incorrect, hit us up.

It’s really cool to see how manufactures are now releasing Marshmallow updates this quickly after a recent report came out stating that Marshmallow is only running on 1.2% of all Android-powered devices. It’s like that flicked the “Upgrade to Marshmallow” switch in the company’s heads or something. I expect to see much more manufacturers release Marshmallow updates to their handsets soon, like Samsung.

Now look, right now, I know Sprint and Verizon LG G4 users are jealous right now, but at this rate, you can expect to see Android 6.0 make it’s way to your handset in a a matter of weeks. Not months, weeks.