As HTC Builds Hype, New Leak Gives a Glimpse at the “Ocean Blue” Smartphone

Last month, word came in that HTC was planning an event scheduled for January 12th after CES 2017. Now that we’re just two days away from this date and CES has flown by once again, it’s time for the company to build up some hype, an action executed today on their Twitter page.


As you can see, HTC’s event will be live streamed over on their website at 3AM ET/12AM PT. By our guess, this event probably won’t be taking place in the US (seriously, who holds an event at three in the morning?), so this could be an indication that the company isn’t ready to show off what they have for 2017 in the States just yet and may be trying to please other parts of the world first. However, thanks to new leaks, at least we have a glimpse at what the tech giant may be revealing come this Thursday…

In newly leaked pictures, HTC’s new smartphone, codenamed “Ocean Blue,” has met the public’s eye, and it’s pretty reminiscent of a Samsung-LG combination. For starters, a glass front and back with an aluminum rim seems to be in use, a camera hump similar to Samsung’s that’s used for the Galaxy S7 seems present, and even a secondary display at the top much like the one found on the LG V10/V20 looks to be built in. Of course, you have your typical HTC elements such as a pill-shaped fingerprint sensor/home button, Sense UI on top of Android, and hardware navigation keys that mimic those found in Android Lollipop which give an HTC phone it’s own identity, but if someone melted a Galaxy S7, a V20, and an HTC 10 together, this would probably be the result.

There’s rumors that a 6-inch display, a Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage will be included with this new device, while the camera may be “industry-leading,” taking a jab at the Google-branded and HTC-built Pixel and Apple’s iPhone 7. Four colors look to be used in this case: black, gold (or rose gold), white, and blue. Personally, I think that last one could be called “Ocean Blue” or something if the rumored code name is of any indication. But hey, that’s just me.

Of course, when the 12th rolls around, we’ll be sure to deliver all announcements out of the event right here on MBEDDED. Stay tuned.