OpenAI just dropped an official ChatGPT app for iPhone and iPad

It's available for free to everyone, and Android users will get it in the near future.

OpenAI ChatGPT official app for iOS on Apple App Store screenshot

OpenAI has released an official ChatGPT app, following the chatbot’s massive rise to success over the past five months. The app gives you a direct line to ChatGPT–completely free–to ask all the questions you want, generate all the essays you need, and provoke all the story ideas you want. It’s launching first on iPhone and iPad, but OpenAI says Android support is coming “soon.”

The app works regardless of whether you pay for ChatGPT, but you’ll still have to deal with lower-priority access without a ChatGPT Plus subscription, which retails for $20 per month. You can sync all of your chat history across devices, and there’s support for OpenAI’s Whisper technology, allowing you to use your voice to input text and talk to ChatGPT.

Before OpenAI’s official app launched, many third-party ripoffs emerged on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store claiming to give you access to ChatGPT. Some obviously do, while others were a simple ploy to collect your information. There’s a sizable list of apps you should avoid, which BGR has neatly compiled for reference.

Microsoft’s Bing app has been the leader in ChatGPT access on smartphones for a few months thanks to its new integration with the chatbot, but if you want to avoid it, you can now go directly to ChatGPT.

OpenAI says it’ll begin learning how users interact with the app in hopes to improve it down the line. Right now, that userbase is restricted to those in the United States, but the company says it plans to expand availability to more regions in the coming weeks.