Hands-On with Gello, Cyanogen’s New Stock Browser

Cyanogen announced a while back that they were working on a custom built-in browser which would be installed alongside their OS based on Android called Cyanogenmod. It was unknown when work might finish on this project, however it’s now confirmed that the company has released version 1.0 of the app and is rolling out to some customers of Cyanogenmod. And while we at MBEDDED aren’t running any devices with the custom OS on them, we were able to grab the APK of Gello Browser (which is the official name) from the internet and successfully install it on a Moto E (2015). It was a bit surprising to say the least that we were able to get this app running on a low powered Android 5.1 Lollipop device as many publications state you must be running Android 6.0 or greater, however it worked nonetheless.

At first, Gello looks and acts like your everyday mobile internet browser, however it does have some tricks up its sleeves. For starters, it’s based on the Chromium code, so it shares lots of similarities between itself and Google Chrome when it runs. In fact, since this is a custom browser, I noticed in our testing that Gello is slightly snappier than Chrome which I’m very thankful for since Chrome doesn’t necessarily run the smoothest on such a low-end device as the Moto E.


Another little trick Gello can perform is the ability to navigate through your browsing history by swiping in from either the left or right hand side of your screen. They call it Edge navigation, and it’s very useful. Navigation is much more efficient and snappy and just makes the overall experience that much better.


Night mode is present in Gello as well, however all it does is invert the colors on a web page. It helps a little in dark situations, however it’s not really ideal for long-term use in dark environments.

A flick of a switch in Settings will allow your status bar to be colored based on the website you’re on. If you’re on MBEDDED, your status bar will be orange. If you visit Facebook.com, the color will change to blue, etc.

Power saving mode is an option you can turn on in Settings also if you’re running low on battery, however it does disable the Edge navigation feature.

If you don’t want other apps to see what websites your viewing or have viewed, you can turn on the ultra-secure LockLock feature. This will restrict access for apps to check out what websites you’re currently on and not allow them to read your history.


Wanna read that latest post about the new MacBooks while you’re at the park? You can do so by saving the webpage to your device for offline viewing.


If your status bar and/or navigation buttons are in your way of viewing web content, you can hide them with the handy Immersive mode which will fill up your entire screen with nothing but web browser. Pretty sweet for when you’re reading up on those MacBooks. Hey, I’m just saying…

Of course, there are plenty of other features in Gello like Incognito browsing and the ability to add website shortcuts to your home screen, however all of that has been done before and isn’t unique to Gello. If you want to check out everything Gello has to offer, download the APK from the link below to your device and install it. Let us know if it works on your device as we’re all very curious!

> Download Gello Browser for Android (APK)