Google Assistant is Getting Better at Tellling You the News

Google has announced a new update to the Assistant that will make it better at telling you the news you care about. Now rolling out to a select number of users is an artificial intelligence-infused news briefing that will give you the rundown of worldly occurrences you need to hear about.

According to the company, this new rundown starts with a briefing on some of the top stories of the day and brings you any updates regarding ones you’ve already heard. From there, longer-form content is provided to dive deeper into developning stories. What makes this interesting is the fact that these briefings are created on the spot based on time of day and your listening history. You’ll even be able to skip stories, go back, or stop it altogether.

Google says it’s been working with lots of major news partners to deliver an AI-infused audio news source that fits your interests. The company compares the feature to broadcast radio which, historically, is single-toned. “Imagine instead if you could have your developing radio, one that’s available on-demand, accessible throughout your day, and brings you news about the world and your interests.”

In order to further advance this feature, Google built an open specification which publishers can take advantage of in order to deliver their content to more listeners. In the future, expect lots more publications to provide news covering all sorts of topics.

Right now, the new audio news feature is limited to a select few users, but Google will be expanding it to more Assistant users in the future.