Apple’s Rumored Car Testing Facility is Getting a Lot of Unwanted Buzz

Apple has been rumored of developing an electric car of sorts for quite some time, and recently the company reportedly began using a shell company called Sixty Eight Research based in Sunnyvale, CA to keep the project supposedly dubbed “Project Titan” under wraps. And they’ve done a pretty good job so far, but earlier this week there were complaints of loud noises and high security around the location which was causing a disturbance to some neighbors around the area.


A local news team covered the story this past Wednesday, and they received some comments from locals about the action.

“At three in the morning, they have deliveries. It’s very dark, very secretive. We don’t know what’s going on, but almost every night there is noise that wakes the dogs up,” Joann Porter said.

“You’ll hear like sheets of metal slamming, clanking, almost a grinding sound,” Jim Porter said.

Since then, the noise and liveliness of the location has quieted down, but one man said it got so bad that security guards would begin to follow people in their cars while neighbors walked their dogs or took a ride somewhere.

Neighbors on Bartlett Avenue near the facility said security guards tail them when they walk their dogs. “You have security guards following you in their cars,” Porter said.

One factor locals thought was a bit strange was the weird humming sound coming out of the facility which, to them, sounded like a motor being tested.

“It’s a high-pitched hum. And sometimes it can go all day,” Jim Porter said.

Unfortunately, the news crew wasn’t able to capture the noise on tape, but Jim Porter imitated it on camera (watch the video below) and it seemed to mimic the sound of an electric motor being pushed to its limits.

Here’s the full news report KPIX 5 shared:

What do you think? Is Apple testing their upcoming electric car in this vicinity that’s causing all of the disturbances? Leave your opinion in the comments below!