Apple’s Original Content Might Come in a Single Subscription w/ iCloud Storage, Music, and Magazines

It’s no secret Apple’s been working to produce tons and tons of original content ahead of the debut of its alternative to something like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Details have remained scarce and the only official news we’ve heard is a partnership with Oprah Winfrey, but that doesn’t mean rumors won’t continue to surface across the web.

A new report out of The Information suggests Apple will consolidate many of their online services into a single subscription. This would not only include its original TV series and movies but also Apple Music, a certain iCloud storage tier, and magazines. While no launch date (other than some point in 2019) or specifics surrounding the service such as price were given, we can at least say a single subscription tier remains a strong possibility.

Whether people will actually subscribe to a service like this, however, remains a mystery. I like to think it would simplify things since general consumers would only have to hit one button to subscribe to all of Apple’s services and pay one fee each month to access each one. In the same breath, not everyone needs extra iCloud storage or wants to read digital magazines so there will likely be separate tiers for each service in the subscription. Still, by gathering them all under one umbrella, I can’t see how much easier accessing everything Apple makes you pay for can be.

We’ll, of course, let you know of any further developments.