Apple’s iOS 12 Lets You Add More Than One Face to Your iPhone X

Apple’s new version of its mobile operating system, iOS 12, is in the hands of developers now (including myself) and is being searched through for new features that Apple didn’t talk about on stage yesterday at WWDC. One of those features involves the iPhone X which has gained support for multi-user facial recognition via Face ID.

In iOS 11, users could only add one face to their iPhone X for logging in. But now, according to multiple users who have the beta installed, Apple now lets you enroll up to two faces for Face ID authentication. The feature’s mainly used for adding an alternate appearance to your phone so it recognizes you easier, but you can still add two completely different faces regardless if, say, you and your spouse want to share a phone.

For comparison’s sake, you can enroll up to five fingerprints with Touch ID.