Apple’s Back to School Sale Gets You Free Beats with a Mac or iPad

Every year, Apple offers up a promotion for students where if you buy one of their devices, you get something for free in exchange. This year, the company’s Back to School sale falls in line with most of its previous offerings and scores you a pair of free Beats headphones with the purchase of an iPad or Mac.

To score free Beats Solo 3 headphones, Powerbeats, or Beats X, you can buy an iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, MacBook Air, or standard MacBook. Each comes with a discount that’s exclusive to college students, college faculty, and eligible K-12 students. Meanwhile, if you buy an iPad Pro with a student discount, you’ll get either Powerbeats or Beats X. Either way, you’re getting free headphones that normally run for a good chunk of change so it’s nice to see them included.

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According to Apple, the promotion will run from today through September 25 so you have plenty of time to get your new Mac or iPad before the school year starts back up. You can check out everything the company’s offering on its website.