Apple Will Most Likely Launch the iPhone 11 on September 10th

It’s getting closer and closer to the rumored iPhone 11’s launch date as Apple typically unveils new smartphones toward the beginning of September. We’ve known for a while that this would be the case this year as well, but up until now, we haven’t had a precise date to look forward to. Now, we do, and it’s all thanks to Apple’s own software.

Today, Apple released the seventh beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS for testing before both systems are released to the public next month. Of course, developers immediately got their hands on the fresh update and began digging for any evidence pointing to an iPhone unveiling. iHelpBR did, and it managed to find the supposed date for when the iPhone 11 will become official.

According to a certain screenshot inside iOS 13 and iPadOS, Apple will unveil the new iPhone 11 on September 10th. The validity to this claim traces back to the screenshot I mentioned which is titled “HoldForRelease.” When an image has this name attached, it typically means Apple doesn’t want you to see it yet, especially if a certain calendar app is displaying your new phone’s release date.

Source: iHelpBR

As you can see, the “HoldForRelease” image above features the iPhone home screen with the Calendar app displayed right at the top dated “Tuesday 10.” A similar splash screen can be found if you set up a new iPhone with iOS 12, only on last year’s OS, the image is dated “Wednesday 12,” the same day the iPhone XS was unveiled.

This leak all but confirms Apple will unveil its next phones on September 10th. With August winding down, there’s a good chance we’ll also get the official invites from Apple for the event which, undoubtedly, will hit the web with a flurry of hype.

What can you expect from the iPhone 11? For one, it looks like the names will be iPhone 11 (iPhone XR replacement), iPhone 11 Pro (iPhone XS replacement), and iPhone 11 Pro Max (iPhone XS Max replacement and worst name of them all). Secondly, the latter two devices will likely get three rear cameras as opposed to two.

There will also be improved performance thanks to an A13 processor, larger batteries, faster wired charging, and improved wireless audio capabilities.

Of course, all three phones will also ship with iOS 13, Apple’s newest mobile OS which comes with features like dark mode and Haptic Touch for all iPhones.