Apple Says 50 Percent of Users Are Running iOS 13

Apple says 50 percent of all its iPhone and iPod touch users are running iOS 13. That’s according to new data published in the App Store support section of the company’s developer website. In addition, 33 percent of all iPads are running iPadOS.

The launch and worldwide roll-out of both iOS 13 and iPadOS has been everything but stable. iOS 13.0 was riddled with instabilities and weird glitches, while every version number after that has been designed to fix bugs and issues without specifically focusing on new functionality. This resulted in as many as five different versions of iOS 13 all coming out in a month’s time. I even held back from publishing my review of iOS 13 until 13.1 was out.

Still, users swallowed the pill and installed the update on their iPhones, and it seems to have paid off for Apple.

Granted, the “install as soon as possible” reaction for eager iOS 13 customers slowed compared to last year. When Apple dropped iOS 12 last year, it was able to get the software on 50 percent of all iOS devices in under 20 days. The same can’t be said about version 13 since it took the company a month to do it again. there’s a good chance people took the advice of early adopters when they all said in chorus, “Don’t install it yet!”

I was one of them.

If you want to install iOS 13 now, you’re good to go. You may spot a bug or two here and there, but you shouldn’t face any major issues.