Apple Rolls Out Update for OS X & Safari to Patch Up Security Flaw Also Found in iOS

Apple has begun rolling out an update for both OS X and Safari which patch up a major security flaw found within both pieces of software alongside iOS.

If you recall, last week Apple updated iOS to iOS 9.3.5 which fixed a major security flaw that allowed an Israeli company to spy on you while you used your phone. While there weren’t any reported cases of this happening, the bug had to be squashed nonetheless to keep Apple’s user database safe. Now, it appears that this same occurrence can happen by ways of OS X Yosemite, El Capitan, and Safari 9. Hence, Apple’s now rolling out the security update to fix it via the Mac App Store.

This update will bring Safari to version 9.1.3, while OS X won’t increase version number wise. To download the updates, head over to the Mac App Store and click “Update All” so both updates get installed on your computer. You’ll likely have to restart your computer after the download process finishes, so be patient.

I highly recommend upgrading to these versions of OS X and Safari. The bug being fixed within these security patches is extremely unsafe, and no one should risk getting a hold of it on their Mac. At this time, it’s unclear whether the bug is present in the macOS Sierra betas, however we’ll let you know if it is.

Via: Neowin