Apple Releases New Ad with Taylor Swift Lip-Syncing… Again

Apple has released another ad for their streaming service Apple Music. This spot features Taylor Swift yet again lip-syncing to another well-known song called “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World, however doesn’t show her falling off of something and smacking her face like the previous advertisement she was in for the music service.

The ad runs a minute long and focuses on the pre-curated playlists provided by the Apple Music team. The playlist shown in the spot is “Jukebox Hits: ’00s Alternative Rock” found in the “Getting Ready to Go Out” section.

The strategy behind this ad campaign is, according to Apple Music’s head of content Larry Jackson, to “roll this campaign out like [they] would a record”.

“Our strategy is to actually roll this campaign out like we would a record,” Jackson told Fast Company. “You release one single, it’s got a certain longevity, then the next single drops. What we’re doing here, to avoid it all fading out too soon, is using the same cadence as an album — spot comes out, hype dies down. Two week later, then out comes another spot, same thing happens, then drop the next one.”

This is why they are featuring artists like Taylor Swift and Drake in their ads.

“Taylor Swift lives at Apple Music, Drake lives at Apple Music, with so many other artists. They use the product. This isn’t a toothpaste ad. This is a place where their ideas are carried through with respect and reverence.”

The reason for mentioning a toothpaste ad is because some were questioning whether Apple was taking a similar approach toothpaste companies use to market their products, which, technically, they are if you think about it. Isn’t it like every other week you see someone new with pearly whites provided by “this-brand” toothpaste? Yeah, I thought so.