Apple Releases iOS 11.4.1 to Everyone

Apple today began rolling out iOS 11.4.1 to everyone who owns an iPhone or iPad. This comes after a beta period consisting of five different builds phased out over a number of weeks. To install iOS 11.4.1 on your device, head over to Settings > General > Software Update. Tap “Download and install” next to the iOS 11.4.1 listing and you’ll be good to go. I recommend jumping on a Wi-Fi network and plugging in your device beforehand you don’t get any data overage charges on your bill and your device doesn’t die during the installation process.

As far as what’s new in iOS 11.4.1, there’s only some under-the-hood improvements such as bug fixes and stability improvements. We likely won’t get another major update until iOS 12 is released this fall. Of course, we’ll let you know of any future updates between then and now.