Apple Music is getting a karaoke mode

It's technically called "Apple Music Sing," but you get the idea.

Apple Music Sing iPhone iPad Apple TV 4K hero

Apple has announced that it’s adding a feature born out of the app’s lyrics experience: karaoke. It’s technically called Apple Music Sing (Apple never mentions the word “karaoke” in its announcement), but it does exactly what you’d expect. You can sing along to your favorite songs on Apple Music just like you can with a traditional karaoke machine, minus the microphone.

Apple Music Sing on iPhone

According to Apple’s press release, tens of millions of songs will be supported at launch. You can turn up and down the vocals on each track to make following along as easy as you’d like, and real-time lyrics will appear on the screen. You can also utilize background vocals, and there’s a special Duet view if you’ll be singing along with someone else.

A lot of the songs supported will likely be Dolby Atmos mixes since Apple has some control over them. That’s probably the best way to get an idea of which songs and albums will be supported when Apple Music Sing rolls out. I’m crossing my fingers some of my favorite hip-hop albums are supported so I can finally rap to my heart’s content during karaoke sessions at my home.

The new experience will launch later this month on iPhone, iPad, and the latest version of the Apple TV 4K. Apple Music will launch 50 dedicated playlists that’ll showcase some of the most popular songs to sing along to. It’s unclear if Apple Music Sing will ever make its way to Android, but I’ve reached out to Apple about it and will update this article if I learn anything new.