Apple Music on Android Gets Lyric Search, Android Auto Support, More in New Update

Apple has begun rolling out an update for Apple Music users on Android with some features brought over from iOS 12 along with a new addition exclusive to Android devices.

For starters, Apple Music on Android is getting lyric search built into the app. Now, when searching for a particular song you don’t know the name of, you can simply look up a portion of the lyrics associated with the track and find the result the same way you would if you looked up the name or artist. Speaking of which, looking up an artist will now present you with the same, improved artist profiles with albums, singles, EPs, live albums, and compositions all separated for an easier time finding the music you’re looking for.

In addition, for those who use Android Auto, you can now use your Apple Music subscription over something like Google Play Music or Spotify. It’s a handy tool if you use Android Auto in your car and choose to subscribe to Apple Music over any alternative. Now, all we need is for Apple to support Google Home with its music service, but I know that’s probably never gonna happen.

The update is rolling out to all users of Apple Music on Android now.