Apple Music is Finally Getting Proper Android Tablet Support

It’s been three years since Apple initially released the Android version of Apple Music, and over these past 36 months, the app has seen a variety of updates to better fit the platform and its users. Now, a new beta has surfaced that’s rolling out to testers which includes proper tablet support.


As odd as it may seem, we don’t have an Android tablet to demo this feature on. However, it’s worth installing for yourself to enjoy a more optimized UI for larger-screened Android devices. Specifically, this update should certainly be beneficial for those with Chromebooks who want to use Apple Music but don’t want to be restricted to a tiny phone UI.


In addition, Apple Music is also getting a bottom navigation bar in place of the previous hamburger menu to make navigating the app easier.

Right now, it’s unclear when version 2.7 of Apple Music will roll out to the public, but we’ll be sure to let you know when it does.