Apple Might Include 96W Charging with the 16-inch MacBook Pro

A new leak out of Chinese website Chongdiantou via Weibo suggests that Apple will include a pretty massive 96W charger with its upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro. The leak claims to show off a portion of Apple’s upcoming charger for the new MacBook which says “96W USB-C Power Adapter.” No other MacBook uses a 96W charger to juice back up, nor does Apple sell the adapter as a first-party accessory.

With a 96W charger, there’s a good chance Apple will either want to supply faster charging with the new MacBook Pro or provide the same charging speeds as other MacBooks with the new Pro’s larger battery cell. It also likely needs to boost the wattage to simply handle the power of the new 16-inch Pro which will come with the best specs ever in a MacBook.

Rumors suggest Apple will debut a 16-inch MacBook Pro later this month with top of the line internals, a larger display with slim bezels, a thinner design, and more. It’s also rumored that the new laptop will come with a better keyboard based on a more traditional scissor mechanism opposed to Apple’s butterfly switch. Until we see the device, though, we won’t know if any of these rumors are true so stay tuned.