Apple Might Give the 2020 iPhones 120Hz Displays

Apple might give the 2020 iPhones a feature that makes the company’s iPad Pro line incredible to use. According to a rumor via Ice Universe on Twitter, the Cupertino tech giant is considering giving next year’s iPhone lineup 120Hz displays. These screens would offer a variable refresh rate by automatically adjusting to whatever content you have on the screen. Both Samsung and LG are reportedly in talks with Apple about the potential feature.

If this rumor rules out to be true, it could be a major selling point for the iPhone. Like I said, the iPad Pro has a 120Hz display (Apple calls it a “ProMotion” display), and that thing is beautiful for reading articles, scrolling through your inbox, and doing anything else you do on an iPad. If the iPhone had that same tech, I could see a lot of people becoming interested in at least checking out the 2020 iPhone(s) out.

We already know what a higher refresh rate can do on a smartphone. The ONePlus 7 Pro has a Quad HD+ display with a refresh rate of 90Hz, and reviewers can’t stop raving about its smoothness. If Apple is able to increase that rate to 120Hz using its ProMotion technology, there’s a good chance the 2020 iPhone line will feel like some of the fastest phones on the planet, especially when they’re paired to Apple’s excellent software optimization and in-house processor (perhaps the A14).

Of course, this is among the first times we’re hearing about a 120Hz display on the 2020 iPhone line. What’s more, we’re still a year away from hearing any rumors that we might be able to label as “credible.” Therefore, take today’s news with a grain of salt, at least until we hear more information.